This project’s goal is to build an autonomous aerial vehicle. The Gyrobot team consists of three fearless roboticists – Rowland O’Flaherty, Jean-Pierre de la Croix, and myself.

Our first product if you will is the sensor board shown below. It features an Arduino-based microcontroller, a 3-axis gyroscope, a 3-axis accelerometer, a 3-axis magnetometer, a barometric pressure sensor, a GPS chip, a current sensor, and a wireless transmission link based on the popular XBees. The current sensor assembly measures the current draw from the planes Lithium-Polymer battery and at the same time powers the sensor board. Not shown in the picture below are our modified RC servos that allow us to read position feedback via an added fourth line that taps into the built-in potentiometer of the servo. The sensor board polls all sensors periodically and stores data on a built-in SD card and sends it back to the basestation wirelessly via an XBee link. In the lab we have already successfully set up the transmission link and visualized data in Matlab.

After some final fine tuning of the board, it will go up on one of our platforms, which are the Super Cub, the Easy Star, and the Blade CX2. The last two platforms are shown below.








The public Gyrobot Google Code repository can be found here.