Home Automation

The goal of this project is to create a smart home in which every electrical appliance (lamp, fan, etc.) is controlled by a central server. Each appliance is equipped with a wireless switch that can be controlled and monitored from the server. Therefore, it is not only possible to switch appliances with the click of a button, but also remotely via the internet as well as monitor power consumption or sensor information (such as temperature, light levels, humidity, etc.).

This project is at a very early stage, but so far I have completed a prototype of a wireless switch. Currently this wireless switch uses Arduino and XBee technology to interface the switch with the server. The main power switching is done with a relais, so the switching is currently binary. Dimming is currently not implemented.

Future extensions include digital thermometers/thermostats, wireless displays of sensor data, and extensive data collection (specifically of power consumption profiles).

Pictures of the current prototype are shown below – namely the wireless switch is shown as well as the receiver that is plugged into the server as a serial device.