Today I produced my first circuit board at Georgia Tech’s GVU prototyping lab. The GVU lab features an LPKF ProtoMat S62 circuit mill that can make boards with traces down to 8 mils. The boards I made today were simple breakout boards for an EEPROM chip and a PWM multiplexer that didn’t require such fine traces. The thinnest trace was 12 mils and that was already rather hard to solder by hand. Below are some of the pictures showing this prototyping effort.

The LPKF ProtoMat S62 circuit mill.

The SMD chip laid down on the breakout board. The gray substance in the image is solder paste. Shown through a microscope at 30x magnification.

This image shows pins that were accidentally connected by the solder process (30x magnification).

Fixing connected pins with a thin tip solder iron and a microscope.

The finished product – a breakout board for an 8 pin EEPROM chip.

Holding up my first milled circuit board.