Robo Boat Competition

June 2011. The Georgia Tech Aerospace Systems Design Lab (ASDL) has come in third at the 2011 AUVSI autonomous surface vehicle competition at Virginia Beach, VA. The contest required teams to design and build autonomous boats capable of navigating a buoy channel, and then executing several tasks including aiming a water gun at a target, retrieving a tennis ball off the land, and pushing a button underneath a waterfall. The Georgia Tech boat was able to navigate almost the entire channel, which was enough for them to place in the top 3. The multidisciplinary team was made up of undergraduate and graduate students from the Aerospace, Mechanical, Computer and Electrical engineering schools. Boat design and construction was done by Christ Taylor, and David Moroniti from the ASDL lab. Sensor drivers, and software integration was done by Sean Culpepper, Alex Okonishnikov, and Patrick Dillon, also from the ASDL lab. Control systems, state estimation, and autonomous algorithms were developed by Ted Macdonald of the GRITS lab .

For more info see Robo Boat or GT Marine Robotics Group

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