About Me


IMG_1775.CR2I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at the Georgia Institute of Technology, working under Dr. Magnus Egerstedt in the GRITS Lab. I was awarded the Georgia Tech President’s Fellowship for the first four years of my graduate studies, Fall 2012 – Spring 2016. I received the M.S. ECE degree from Georgia Tech in 2013 and the B.S. in ECE from Ohio State University in 2012. I plan to graduate from the Ph.D. program in May 2017.

My research focuses on developing distributed control algorithms for multi-agent teams by drawing inspirations from human-group interactions as well as from animal groups. In addition to conducting my research, I taught one semester of an undergraduate electrical engineering course as the instructor of record during my time as a graduate student. I was a finalist for the Georgia Tech 2015 CETL/BP Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award and also received an Outstanding ECE GTA Award for my success in teaching this course.

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